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Helch Market

The Bar
20% off drinks

Situated Inside:

  • Takatsu Ramen – 30% off food all week 

  • Nuudle Bar – 50% off all week on mains (dining in) or off whole menu (collection)

  • What The Cluck- 25% Off Sun-Thurs or 20% Off Friday-Saturday

About Helch Market

Helch Market plays host to a bar, as well independently  run restaurants and a vintage clothing company. Find restaurants What The Cluck and Nuudle bar inside.

The atmosphere is superb and the offers tasty! Great location too!

Terms and Conditions

Your card must be presented/made known to staff before ordering. Only the cardholder is permitted to use the card. Not to be used in conjunction with other offers, only one offer may be used at a time.

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